Monday, July 19, 2010

Welcome Lara!

I am really excited to announce that there is a new groom working behind the scenes (or not so much!) at Blue Clover Eventing! Lara started working with me and all of my critters last Wednesday, and today started her first official week with the Blue Clover Eventing team. This is far from her first week as a professional groom, she has worked at top barns in Southern Pines and Middleburg and we are thrilled to welcome her to Davidsonville. Her horse, Sam, arrives at the end of the week (ready or not, Sam, watch out! ha ha ha) and we are trying to show her a good time around the Davidsonville/Harwood/Annapolis area. Went to all the hot-spots downtown and bull riding on Friday night....but wait, I digress....
What can I say, been very busy already and she fit right into the mix. We took Freddie on another field trip, she figured out Morris' favorite way to be curried, and spiffed up our sales horse Charm in no time flat. Poor thing even had to work on her first Sunday with me, although there were no horses to deal with exactly....I had to finish the last division of my apprentice judging for my 'r' judge's license and Lara willingly volunteered to be my scribe/scorer/sidekick. I will say, I was very impressed by the competitors in the division that I judged and there were quite a few horses that I asked Lara to watch jump (I had to meet and discuss my scores and comments) because they looked like potential horses I would like to own! Sadly none of them won approval and so we came home empty handed lol.
This week appears to be another fast-paced Monday thru Friday. I am trying to sneak out of town to the beach on Wednesday and Thursday and so Lara will be running the show for 36 hours, and I have complete faith that she will dot every "i" and cross every "t." She even gets to ride Morris, lucky girl! The other days there is little time for the weary, Freddie is going cross country schooling tomorrow for the first time. Our baby horse went on her first adventure today outside of the arena and Lara had to babysit and get ready to rescue in case it didn't go well (I must say that the Z girl was perfect!!). We have a lovely bay and white pinto in the barn that will keep Lara very busy because she seems to only manage to get stains on her white spots lol.
I hope that you all get to meet her soon and welcome her to our great bunch. Lara also has a blog, and she will be writing weekly updates about the behind the scenes at Blue Clover Eventing. Please check out what's going on, in her professional opinion, at

Hope to see you all there!

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