Sunday, September 5, 2010

Loch Moy Dressage and Key Riding

What a beautiful weekend all weekend long, no wonder it's after 11 before I get a chance to write my blog tonite! We had an action packed weekend, well really it started on Thursday with a jumping lesson for Morris down at Karen's. I was a little disappointed with my rails at Richland so I brought the video for Karen to see on the laptop right there in the arena. A discussion and a large amount of jumping followed! Karen made an excellent point of reminding me that paying attention to small details of my position can make a big difference in a big, tough round like Richland, especially when the ground was so hard. We practiced on the flat really getting him to tune into a lifting sort of cue, and then applied it time and again over a course of jumps bigger than what I jumped at Richland. Practice makes perfect, and let's hope that we are perfect next weekend at the AECs!!
Saturday I went to the recognized dressage show at Loch Moy to help perfect my dressage in time for the championships. This is the same venue that hosts the Maryland Horse Trials, and luckily all of the dressage arenas faced the beautiful cross country course, and hopefully Morris thought for a moment that he was at an event instead of at a dressage show! Lara had him absolutely sparkling, if I was going to be the only New Zealand TB there I certainly wanted to be a positive representation! From the moment we stepped into the warm up arena you could tell Morris was feeling good, and the right amount of good ha ha ha, and there was no looking back. We won both of our classes very convincingly, the first one by over 9 percentage points which is a huge margin! We were the high score of the show for Second Level, again a bonus. I was there to get my horse relaxed in a dressage arena, and I think the mission was certainly accomplished. I guess we will know if it is successful or not on Friday sometime around noon...our scheduled ride time for dressage at the AECs. Also, a quick shout out to Logan Elliot and her horse Eternaluma. "Ep" was one of Valerie's former superstar eventers, and this weekend at Loch Moy he was certainly a superstar...Logan and Ep won the High Score Award for Juniors/Young Riders at First Level. Way to go!
There was no rest for the weary, in fact if anything Sunday proved to be more exciting than the dressage was our first day of evaluations for the Key School Equestrian Team. I am thrilled to be their coach this year, and we had a super afternoon of riding. I was really impressed by all the riders, their abilities, and their positive attitudes. I met many of them for the first time today and I couldn't think of a nicer group to get to work with for this coming school year. We are really looking forward to a great season, with their first official practice happening in two weeks. Go Team!

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