Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Yes, you are reading the correct blog....this is Blue Clover Eventing and what you are looking at has absolutely nothing to do with our horses! Sadly, time is winding down here in Aiken, in fact at this time tomorrow I will be typing from Norwood, NC as we roll into town for The Fork. Over the weekend we sent home 5 horses and Kristen (sorry Kristen!) and that just leaves 4 horses, Trisha, and 1 lercher to keep me company! We have had a great last few days doing all things we love to do, cross country school at Gibbes, combined test at Sporting Days, ride in our Field of Dreams. We have also had time to fit in all of our last minute favorite things, TakoSushi and Hotel Aiken on a Wednesday nite; Playoffs and the karaoke professionals on Sunday, Palm Beach Tan he he he, we had a pitcher at Maria's just for old times sake...jeeze it is like we are really leaving!

But, on the final day here, I did something fun and completely random. Richard who usually times his visits around shows and all big things on the calendar mistakenly booked a ticket for Charleston instead of Columbia. Soooooooo, (conveniently?) after I rode everything this morning (including galloping Smarty and cross country schooling Felix!) I abandoned Trisha with the rest of the packing so that I could make the long drive to Charleston. To justify spending such time in the truck, Richard and I decided to take a fun spin around town. Well, not so fun in the dually! But a fun field trip nonetheless. One afternoon off after 2 months of non-stop Aiken, well I suppose it was time! And we had a great time! Charleston is a super cute town and I would love to spend more than 2 hours there. I look forward to going back in the future for some beaching, shopping, and of course I'm going to love going out in the city that invented Firefly!!

Now, back to reality, time to get serious. Wheels up early in the morning for The Fork. So sad, I know I speak for all of us when I say how much we are going to miss Hatchaway Bridge Farms and our Aiken family there. Until next year!

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