Monday, June 4, 2012

Fond Farewells and Heartfelt Hellos

Hellos are always easier than good byes. So we will say our fond farewells first. I know that by now it is not news that we lost not just a great horseman, but a great human being with the passing of Jim Lewis. It just doesn't seem right to ride around the arena without our head trainer Mr. Zang lol. We had too much fun and I find myself still looking over at the empty chairs as I ride around the arena. I miss the chats we would have as I bopped around on every type of horse, from 2 year old race horses to Grand Prix horses. Working for Jim never got old we would talk about everything imaginable. Even a grumpy Jim was entertaining, although I assure you it did not happen often. We joked nonstop about when I was going to become a straight dressage rider, and I was counting on having him in my corner when that day happened far in the future (after breaking all of the eventing records, of course). I know he will be watching, just not like how I pictured.

Nor did I picture an empty stall where Playtime used to reside. He was recently sold across the pond. This has been particularly difficult given as though I felt he had an excellent chance at winning the CCI2* at Jersey and was moving on to the blue squares after that. I know that we gave each other opportunities, he improved faster than a horse possibly should be able to in the year we had together. By our last cross country school he made the advanced at Gibbs look like a novice round and we were communicating on brain waves. He gave me some incredible tests and fantastic jumping rounds and I was looking forward to making a High Performance list with him. I am thankful I think that I won't have to see his unbelievable begging look from behind the stall door or out the window of the trailer, it was irresistible and he knew it :)

But, it is human nature to go on, and I am surrounded by incredible people that are positive and feel the same way. And so, we do. We are fortunate for everything we do have, and opportunities that unfold before us daily. Not only do I have a bunch of fun new horses and clients that have an exciting season ahead of them, I would like to welcome new working student Stacy Iacono. Please make her feel welcome, we didn't give her any time to adjust, even on her interview weekend she was working her tail off and hasn't stopped since! We hope you will see her competing at the Preliminary level in the very near future with Snick. Or perhaps, I should say winning, he is a super cute horse and they have both been an absolute pleasure to work with. She and Trisha go way back, and I know that Trisha has been happy to have her old partner in crime working by her side. And I'm happy to do anything that keeps Trisha happy! I don't know what I would do without any of you lately, Richard, Gunsmoke, the lovely ladies of Kaleidescape, I am just so utterly grateful for each and everyone of you and now is the time more than ever to say thank you!

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