Monday, April 26, 2010


So there is a theme to today's post and it has to do with spring and flowers and all things blooming. Almost took a day off yesterday, almost! Did ride Morris and did dressage and believe me, Morris wishes he could have just spent the day hanging out doing his own thing! I tried to add a little culture to my life and be a little domesticated....went to the National Arboretum and walked thru the azalea path where I kid you not thousands of them were in full bloom. Quite surreal and I think if I lived in the city I would have to go there daily (it was free) and make sure I had enough green in my diet. Check out the picture, yes I know has a bit of a 'tourist' ring to it but they were so beautiful! What you can't see in the picture is that I am sporting a Rolex 2010 3 Day hat (thanks, Linda!) and was doing my share to raise awareness about eventing as our biggest show of the year was just about wrapping up while I was on my nature hike. As I was told, the logo that we all immediately identify with the 4* is getting a face lift next year and I am happy to hold on to this one and keep as a bit of a collector's item.
Back to the N.A., also impressive was the bonsai exhibit, some of those trees have been 'in training' since the 1600s. I can't get an orchid to live two years! Maybe I was inspired, because from there I went with Richard to Homestead Gardens and we bought 2 trees for Arden ha ha ha. I will try to remember to give you an update. Or the next time you are over see for yourself what kind of a green thumb I have. I can guarantee you there will be no bonsai.
So here I am with this short-term fascination for plants and fast forward until I am at the barn working with Freddie. Freddie had the day off, his first day off since he arrived in the US and recovered from his journey, and I wanted him to get outside and have a little grass. And I wanted to pat him and love him since he's the latest and greatest addition to my barn. So we went out together for a hand graze and I learned quite a bit about my new character. I was absolutely laughing at him, he methodically went from yellow dandelion to yellow dandelion and just mowed them down like some sort of dandelion-seeking machine! No leaves, no grass, just the flowers. Maybe they don't have them in New Zealand? Or perhaps they were a delicacy? He was certainly making up for lost time. Or maybe it's a yellow thing after the ladies at the barn discovered that he loves to eat bananas as well?! One thing about all of my ponies, they are each their own person with their own personality. I am so lucky to get to work with such amazing critters, thanks to all of you who have made that possible!

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