Sunday, May 2, 2010

Apprentice Judging

Even though I wasn't competing this weekend , I end up spending my entire Sunday at a competition! (The photo on left is from the Fair Hill CIC2*, however I just got it today thank you GRC Photography.) This morning I fulfilled more of my co-judging requirements so that I can take the final exam this November and officially receive my 'r' judging license. The entire crew at the MCTA Horse Trials (Cockeysville, MD) were so helpful and accommodating. I judged 2 divisions of Training and then had to compare my tests with that of judge Cathy Tucker-Slaterbeck. She was very helpful, lots of constructive criticism and lots of positive remarks were made as well. It was a good day of competition, lots of nice rides and pleasant horses. To all of my horses and students flatting tomorrow....beware! I am inspired and now determined to not let my horses and students make the mistakes that I saw over and over again today!
On the way home I did stop by the barn and check on all the boys. They were standing in their stalls under their fans, I think a little nervous for a moment that I was heading for the tack! Then I think they saw the nice dress up clothes and cute shoes (I may not be an official official yet; however determined to look the part) and they visibly breathed collective sighs of relief that yes, today was Sunday and yes, they really did score the day off. Morris should have a pretty big week this week, his first lesson with Linda since Wellington, actually the first time that she will have seen him at all since the middle of January. Also today at MCTA I walked the Intermediate cross country course and am considering going back this week to school. They had a pretty good sized hanging log in the middle of the water....very tempting to go recreate my school with Jimmy from last week.
And for Freddie, a big week because he has to get a hair cut. He is putting on his winter coat, because when he left New Zealand 3 weeks ago it was winter! No one told him that he was heading half way across the world where he gets to relive summer two seasons in a row (lucky Freddie, we all know how I feel about winter and snow, yuck). Until he gets his new do he is just going to do some easy flat work, don't want to roast the new guy. We want him to like it here at Blue Clover Eventing, we sure do like him!

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