Friday, May 14, 2010

Return to The Plains

It really is worth leaving the barn by 5, even if it means that Richard can't have his morning Starbuck's because they aren't open. Just some of the sacrifices that are made to be able to get to my morning lessons with Karen O'Connor at her lovely facility. Not anybody's fault that it is half way around the beltway and then out Route 66 during rush hour traffic!
She hadn't seen Morris in a lesson since January in Ocala, even though she had kept an eye on us at some of the spring competitions. Morris was happy to be there, warmed up great and had a thorough evaluation of the progress we have made in his flatwork over the 6 months that I have had him. Don't get me wrong, as is always the case there are always plenty of things to work on, and Karen pointed out several areas that need improving ha ha ha. After our flatwork session we started trotting some small fences and I was so happy, again they were far from perfect; but in his first lesson with Karen Morris wouldn't trot a fence. Another small victory! The jumps got bigger, taller, wider and we warmed up and then from there went through some exercises that we would be seeing on course at our next competition. Karen was immediately aware of our current weaknesses and had me making improvements in seconds. I took away a very important lesson, and that is that it's not good enough to change your plan after something veers from the original plan. Prepare harder and be more pro-active in the first place so that you can stick to your original plan. Yes, I am going to plan on that!
Here is the video of some of the last bit of coursework that we did. Day off today for Morris, he was tired and we want to save him for his big event down in Lexington next weekend!

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