Monday, July 9, 2012

Welcome Whatever!

Congratulations to Greyside LLC on the exciting purchase of Fernhill Whatever! I am beyond thrilled to have such an amazing horse to compete. Thanks to Carolyn Jolley, in nothing less than whirlwind style, I was on a plane and back again with arrangements made to bring a new pony to Blue Clover Eventing! Not just any pony; but a gorgeous grey 16.2h Irish Sport Horse...and I assure you he knows it!

Carol and Fraser at Fernhill Sport Horse Centre both did an amazing job of finding this guy and bringing him up to win at the the 1* level. His breeding, movement and jumping ability all scream upper level event horse and that's exactly what we had in mind with his purchase. He's been here two weeks literally to the day, and I've set a schedule that would get us to the 2* at Fair Hill, I'm anticipating that he's as much of an over-achiever as I am :) I feel badly that the poor guy leaves an unusually cold and wet Ireland and arrives in the North East in the midst of a record breaking heat wave. Trisha did one of her 'usual' amazing clip jobs and that combined with the fact that he is just an amazing athlete has allowed him to make the adjustment fairly easily to life in the States. He seems to approve of our chow at least! and seems to respond to us even though we don't have nearly as cool of an accent as did his former humans. He was highly suspicious of treats although we seem to have gotten over that after the first week, group effort ha ha ha.

I look forward to a little cross country school tomorrow at Morven Park, and if that goes well off to Loch Moy we go this weekend to run the prelim at MD HT II. Can't wait!  

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