Recently, I had the realization that good things really are worth the wait.
So, why is the wait so hard to endure?!

It took me months to find Favian; really, it took me three and half years
if you want to get technical. Let me assure you, I was looking hard,
leaving no stone unturned. I experienced numerous let downs and dead
 ends that left me thinking I might never find the right horse. Just when
 it felt like I was never going to get my prize pony, the stars and dollar
signs seemed to align and finally I found Favian!

From the moment I had Favian I just wanted to hurry up and do
everything I had been waiting for, for years! I want to shout out a
HUGE thank you to Jann Byyny who talked some sense into me very
early one morning during a lesson when she helped me remain
patient and assured me that the talent is there- but it takes time to
 a partnership develop. It's a partnership that is worth the wait to take
my time and make sure I develop right, with a strong foundation
and trust.

From the beginning Favian has been amazing, already exceeding many
 of my expectations! After successful outings going training at Virginia
and Waredaca I was on the fence about whether or not he was ready
to go Prelim at Surefire two weeks ago. Of course, I want to hurry up
 and have an FEI horse again, but I decided to wait until our last cross
county schooling the Wednesday before Surefire to make my decision
 about moving up or not.

Luckily, I woke up and realized how stupid I was being! Was I going
 to wait for something disastrous to happen to make my decision for
me?? We ran around the training that weekend and he was foot perfect!
PERFECT! The feeling of now knowing I have a horse ready to move
 up is so much more fulfilling than running around a XC course at a
higher level wondering what to expect at the next combination.
Debating between the direct route or the option as you gallop down to
it is never a good feeling!

I appreciated going back to Surefire and schooling the Prelim and
 knowing that I probably could have had a clean round. I hope that
when we move up at Loch Moy I find out it was worth the wait!!
Knock wood as I know you need luck just as much as anything else
 in this sport, however, I'm feeling excited and prepared, not just