Monday, August 8, 2016

Many Move-Ups and Congratulations!!!

With MDHT II behind us and August FHI within sight it seems like a good time to share some congratulations on the most recent BCE move-ups and accomplishments!! If you read the last blog, 'Worth the Wait', you know I was excitedly waiting for MDHT II to move Favian up to Prelim- I am so thrilled to say that it really was worth the wait and it couldn't have gone any better!!! We finished 4th in our division, within 1 rail of winning it. Unlike previous years, before the 1 and 2 stars were running along side the other divisions, this was NOT a move up course and Fave handled it extremely well! I wasn't pushing him for time but his stride is so huge it just swallows up the ground. I couldn't be happier with him after MDHT II and am looking forward to building on our success at FHI this weekend. Looking to the fall, I hope to get his first CIC 1* in at Plantation and then possibly a CCI 1* at Kentucky! There is so much to look forward to with this horse!!

Fave didn't seem to mind that his Prelim course shared numerous fences with the CIC 1*!
Dewey Square also deserves lots of praise and attention after his successful introduction to eventing the same weekend with a strong finish in 2nd place! Dewey continues to impress me with his willingness to learn; first a race horse, then a year with the hunter/jumpers and now an eventer! He took it all in stride as a classy horse does! He definitely knew he was at an event and he puffed himself up and rose to the occasion for all 3 phases. Check out his SJ round below! Dewey is going to keep the momentum going at FHI this weekend as he tackles the novice!

Huge shout out to Mckenna O'Neill, who won her training division with Boomer and looks to make it 3 blues in a row with Boomer at FHI this weekend! Also, to Alex Peterson who conquered her SJ demons from the 1* this spring and put in her first clean SJ round at Prelim with Willie Wiggins! She finished her division in 2nd place within just a few time seconds on an awesome XC round to make it the icing on the cake!! Mckenna and Alex are both back off to college in just a few short weeks and we will miss then dearly until we are reunited this winter!

Alex and Willie Wiggins

Mckenna and Boomer
Cary and Game On also had an awesome weekend as well, completing their second CIC 2* at MDHT II on a very challenging course! Cary also just wrapped up a successful weekend at Millbrook with Game On.

Awesome ride through a challenging combination in the dressage arena!
Allison and Fling moved up to novice at MDHT II and looked strong in all 3 phases but unfortunately Allison got her yellow and white squares mixed up on XC! She will be looking for redemption at FHI! And the last (but far from least!) congratulations is for Elyse, who has now caught the eventing bug, and had a super debute with her adorable horse, Poncho! Congratulations to all! I am so lucky to have such a talented and lovely group of horses and people to work with and we can't wait to see what Fair Hill has in store for us!

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