Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Accepted is about the best word you can hear on a Wednesday of a 3 day and luckily for Morris and I it came before we even finished trotting off of the jog strip this afternoon! I can`t wait to get some pictures to you; but alas the stupid wireless in my auberge is still not working properly and so they are all stuck on my camera and computer and I can`t get them onto this archaic computer in the lobby. Anyway, we are going to focus on the positive! Beautiful day today, rode Morris twice. First time this morning in the warm up arena for tomorrow, and this evening after the jog we took a trip around our actual competition arena. It is a very dramatic entrance, under a huge archway that I`m sure some of the horses are not going to be too thrilled to cross underneath without a buddy. Morris was a champ today about going thru, really he was well behaved all day. He did his fair share of walking Sam around prior to the jog; but in the end they came to a compromise and when I saw him he looked extremely well behaved and aware that he had an important job to do here this weekend! We are the last of the 2* entries tomorrow, riding at 2:26. As you know me, I always go early whenever I can so have your fingers crossed in anticipation of an earlier start! He felt great, had a super medium trot across a diagonal that had the entire warm up turning around and watching. Practiced a LOT of walk and plan on doing more of that again tomorrow.
Met the judges and Ground Jury at the competitiors briefing and they all had great things to say, a really nice group. The park here looks amazing with a brand new arena in the back and from what I can see we run part of the cross country course in there. I plan on walking that tomorrow morning and will have the report for you by the evening. And hopefully some pictures!! Talk to you then.

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