Sunday, June 13, 2010

Double Clear!

Saturday night I launched an all-out attack on my computer that refuses to connect to Canadian wireless and ended up with some message about trying to emergency restart and sorry that this hasn`t worked out as planned with up to the minute coverage and photos! However, here is a link to a video of my ride, filmed courtsey of my super-sponsors Ecogold:

Morris was absolutely wonderful, going double clear, one of only 10 pairs to make the time. So many challenging questions, on top of running up and down the mountain for an optimum time of 8 minutes 36 seconds and he was really up to it. It was the best he has felt going into the water, and it was a HUGE drop in over a hanging long and then 6 strides across to a skinny skinny brush. He was spot-on at all of the ditches, taking a little extra time to place his feet at the coffin but then hopped over it smartly and made the 2 strides to the angled skinny on the way out. The double corners rode well, when I was watching some of the earlier rides go I watched quite a few problems there and many ugly rides. I am pleased to say that I feel like I put in the best ride I have had on him yet, and David agreed finding me in the vet box as we were cooling him out and telling me that it was the best he has seen the horse go. Makes me very proud, I know I have a great jumping horse, I know I have a fast horse. I am glad that I was able to make his job easy today.
He looked great afterwards, not a hair out of place and not the least bit tired. In fact he galloped thru the finish line with his ears popping out of his head just rolling along making it look easy. Lets me know I did a good job with his conditioning program, and he went back to the barn and was ready for some lunch! I will have all the gory details and photos to follow once I am back across the border where wireless works like it should ha ha ha.

Jog is Sunday morning 8:00 sharp and I hope he is feeling and looking great, because there is a challenging show jumping track ahead. I have moved up into 11th place after the cross country and am looking for a strong Top 10 finish for the entire competition.

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  1. The video was great fun, thanks for sharing. Can't wait to hear about the Sunday show jumping. Congrats