Monday, June 28, 2010

Surefire - Hot, Hot, Hot!

Yesterday was a great day to sit by the pool and instead I was sitting inside a car judging the JYOP at Surefire Horse Trials in Purcellville, VA! Many thanks to my working student Karyn for being my scribe for the day, and she knows that I now expect her to be able to ride perfectly the Preliminary Test B after writing down scores and comments for two entire divisions! The competitors and their mounts did a great job of staying cool under pressure and in 100 degree heat, and I was very impressed with organizer Jan Byyny and her entire crew on running such a fabulous show. Part of me wishes that I was competing there instead of judging, especially after seeing some of the great changes that they made to the cross country course since last year...but Morris is still on holiday and the babies aren't quite ready for their recognized debuts. The timing worked out well, however, with my final exam for my "r" license coming up rapidly this October, I am feeling more and more prepared.
Enough about me, I realize that you read this to hear about the ponies! Here's the quick run down for you on what's been going on at Kaleidescape. Morris has been getting fat, loafing around his field, although at the first sighting of a bug he is quickly by the gate ready for anybody or everybody to bring him back into the barn and park him under the fan. Morris is on holiday until Thursday, when he comes back into light work for the next week or so. Aiming him at the Millbrook Horse Trials the first part of August, so that gives him a month to get back into competition form. I think he is ready to get going again, like his rider he doesn't sit still very well! Freddie went on his first big time hack on Saturday, made it all the way through the hay fields over to Linda's arena where there was somebody riding. Big test, he went in the ring, tooled around, and then left his friend in the dust hacking home. Apparently we are big and brave for a leggy, green 5 year old! He was so well behaved, and the hills definitely did him some good. We will make this more a part of his routine and I am eagerly awaiting his first Linda lesson. I think he is almost strong enough now to survive how hard she will work us both ha ha ha.
The baby of the bunch, Zeana, had a fantastic week. She is 3, just getting broke, and has been absolutely wonderful to work with and around. I think the dressage is certainly in her future, not only is she bred for it; but she got both of her correct canter leads right off the bat and naturally wants to trot in a frame. Good girl!! I should have her talk to all of the youngsters at the barn! The newest addition is Charm, a cute little 6 year old that will be for sale shortly as a dressage or event prospect. She has settled into the program really well and is a fun little thing to ride. Watch for her pictures and video soon on the For Sale page of my website:

Hope that this week proves to be even better than the last, you know me :)

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